HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration

The HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments

The HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments is design to provide the skills and knowledge required to maintain infection prevention during skin penetration treatments and to review clinic compliance with the applicable state or territory and local council requirements. It requires the ability to identify, manage and control infection risks to clients, self and work colleagues. This unit applies to professionals of skin penetration industry.

The course material for this program has been re-written and reviewed by Professionals in the industry including Tattoo Artists, Dentists, Beauticians and Body Piercers in conjunction with Qualified Workplace Trainers and Assessors. All content is relevant to body art and medical industries.

HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration.


VSN (Victoria only)

Student USI

Some assessments require video evidence of the student performing certain tasks involving cleaning, use of an autoclave and general tasks.

You will also need access to a Support Person- A support person is someone you know or work with that can work with you to complete an observation checklist. This support person will need to have relevant experience in the infection control industry.

Examples of a Support Person: Co-worker, Boss, Manager, Friend with 12 months experience in the industry

You must provide evidence of your Support Person’s qualification and/or experience in this industry with one of both of the following:

– The Support Person is to provide a certified or verified copy of their Statement of Attainment for HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention or SHBBINF001 Maintain Infection Control Standards for Skin Penetration Treatments or the equivalent of this unit (Assessment staff of Eze Training will assist you with the determination of equivalency).

– Evidence of their experience in the industry is to be provided in the form of a resume. The resume should be no older than 12 months and should provide evidence of your currency in the industry for a period of at least 3 year. The industry being referred to is the skin penetration industry.

Online component: self paced, approximately 72 hours.

$499 per candidate.

Our support staff are available to students and potential students who require support during office hours via email or phone.

  1. Multiple choice and short answer assessment questions.
  2. Video response questions
  3. Practical demonstration of skills and knowledge.
  4. Completion of Observation Checklist with Support Person.

The course covers in theory and practice:

  • Comply with infection control regulations and guidelines and related legal obligations.
  • Monitor hygiene of premises.
  • Maintain infection control for skin penetration treatments.
  • Sterilise equipment and maintain steriliser
  • Maintain awareness of clinic design for control of infection risks.

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