SHBBSKS004 Provide Upper Body Piercing


Provide Upper Body Piercings

SHBBSKS004 Provide Upper Body Piercing

Includes 1 nationally accredited unit
Covers 24 upper body piercing sites

This is a nationally recognised unit (SHBBSKS004 Provide Upper Body Piercings). This body piercing course applies to beauty therapists who work in beauty salons or tattoo studios. This course does not include infection control certification or microdermal implanting. This is a great course for basic piercers. Learn to body pierce the right way.

SHBBSKS004 Provide Upper Body Piercings.

SHBBINF001 Maintain Infection Control Standards.

  • Face to face 
  • Online
  • Face to face component: 3 days
  • Online component: self paced 

$1,699 per candidate.

Payment plans are available.

Our support staff are available to students and potential students who require support.

  1. Research, multiple choice and short answer assessment questions.
  2. Practical demonstration of skills and knowledge.
  3. Self Reflection Log.
  4. Attendance and participation of face to face component.

The course covers in theory and practice:

  • Prepare for treatment.
  • Confirm client requirements
  • Provide piercing
  • Review treatment and provide post treatment advice.
  • Clean treatment area.

All major cities, Australia wide

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