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Infection Control (Beauty)

SHBBINF002 Maintain infection control standards

Course Summary
You will learn the skills and knowledge required to maintain infection prevention infection control during
skin penetration treatments and to review clinic compliance with the applicable state or territory and local
council requirements.
It requires the ability to identify, manage and
control infection risks to clients, self, and work
The skills in this unit must be applied in accordance
with Commonwealth and State/Territory
legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards and
industry codes of practice.
This unit is accepted by the Department of Health for the beauty industry and is part of the Diploma
of Beauty training package and as a pre- requisite for Cosmetic Tattoo Courses.
This unit applies to beauty therapists who work in beauty therapy salons, clinics or cosmetic medical
clinics. These therapists work autonomously and make decisions.
Nationally Recognised Code & Title

SHBBINF002 Maintain infection control standards.

Course Pre-Requisites


Student Requirements

Course Delivery Method


Course Duration

This unit is completed by self-paced work online. The nominal hours for the course are 75hrs
Online access remains live for 3 months. Any additional extension will incur an Administration Fee of

Course Fees

$499 per candidate.

Student Support

Our support staff are available to students and potential students who require support.

Assessment Tasks

Typical assessments might include:

  • Integrated the maintenance of infection control with skin penetration technical skills that
    individually or in combination demonstrate:
    • identification of potential cross contamination risks,protecting self and client from
      infection risks
    • choosing and using an appropriate cleaning, disinfectionand sterilising procedures
      for instruments, equipment and equipment attachments and work surfaces
    • use of correct steriliser operation procedures:
      • packaging of items
      • loading
      • monitoring
      • validation
      • calibration
      • documentation requirements
      • disposing of waste and sharps
      • provided a written review of workplace compliance with relevant state or territory
        and local council laws, regulations and requirements for skin penetration
      • Australian standards AS/NZS4815 and 4187 relating to infection control in
        office-based health carefacilities
        Course Information:
        SHBBINF002 Maintain Infection Control Standards
      • relevant state or territory legislation and guidelines relating to infection control
        procedures for skin penetrationtreatments
      • local council requirements for businesses offering skin penetration
      • organisational policy and procedures relating toinfection control
      • egal responsibilities in relation to infection control, sterilising, registration or business
        licensing, conduct of occupation, and maintenance of premises relevant to the role
      • standard and additional precautions as defined by the National Health and Medical
        Research Council (NHMRC)
      • industry codes of practice
      • aetiology of infection
      • sources of infection and means of transmission
      • risk management in relation to infection control
      • procedures and practices that support infection control measures and
        prevent infection transmission
      • cleaning, disinfection, and sterilising procedures
      • procedures for responding to spills
      • needle stick or sharps injury procedures for notification and response
      • impact of premises layout and workflow on infection control risks
      • manufacturer instructions in relation to cleaning,disinfecting and sterilising
        equipment and products
      • risk management process for identifying treatmentinfection control risks Students
        are required to perform practical demonstrations in order to be assessed.
      • Video footage of demonstration is acceptable. If you cannot submit recorded videos of your
        Students are also required to research and have knowledge of State legislation and
        regulations relevant to the state you are working.
        Underpinning knowledge is assessed through theory activities.

Topics Included

The course covers the theory and practice associated with:

  • Comply with infection control regulations and guidelines and related legal obligations.
  • Monitor hygiene of premises.
  • Maintain infection control for skin penetration treatments.
  • Sterilise equipment and maintain sterilizer.
  • Maintain awareness of clinic design for control of infectionrisks.

Available Areas

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