Workshop: Leadership Skills Course

Leadership Skills

This course is designed to inform you about what can be done to extend and develop your capacity as a leader in your organisation. The incentive for doing so is evident; those who are well-led are more productive, more motivated and have a greater idea of where they are heading and why. A well-led organisation can remain streamlined and competitive by facing change as a unified whole, rather than as a collection of individuals.

Leadership is no longer about issuing orders and expecting them to be followed although this style of leadership still exists. In certain contexts, such as in times of crisis, it is still effective.

The majority of organisations require the best leadership, which demands a multitude of skill sets and a willingness to work in the best interests of staff, consumers and other stakeholders.

This is not a nationally recognised unit.


Basic english skills.

Face to face.

Face to face: 2 days.

$699 (plus GST) per candidate.

Our support staff are available to students and potential students who require support.

Theory and practical.

  • The Nature of Leadership.
  • Six theories of leadership, leaders and power, three levels of leadership.
  • The Leader in Today’s Business Environment.
  • Impact of change, difference between leadership and management.
  • Key Skills and Competences – a perfect leader, what your organisation needs.
  • Your Leadership Approach – factors that will influence your approach to leadership, identify your leadership style, styles compared, importance of adapting your style, creating personal impact, your leadership network, your leadership brand
  • Leaders and Followers – types of followers and their expectations, creating a sense of belonging and identity among followers, the three E’s expected of leaders, leader as a coach and mentor.
  • Leaders and Teams – leader’s team role, different types of teams examined, team development, building high-performance teams.
  • Leaders and Vision – creating vision, articulating and communicating the vision, inspiring others.
  • Leaders and Influence – what influencing involves, the influencing process model, skills and qualities required, developing a strategy.
  • Leaders and Change – a process for leading change, awareness of the need to change, creating a change mindset in others, communicating change messages, supporting the process.
  • Final thoughts – ten hot tips for effective leaders.

All major cities, Australia wide.

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