Richard Anthony & Luke Koek Podcast Transcript.

Richard Anthony & Luke Koek Podcast Transcript.

Richard Anthony & Luke Koek Podcast Transcript.


Hey guys, it's Rich here. Another episode of The Rich Mix and I'm really excited to have a good friend of mine, Luke, which we've only really met recently at a seminar and become good mates. And Luke, how do you spell your surname, Keok?



It's Cook.



Awesome. Luke Cook on the phone with on the on the session with me today on our podcast. And thank you, my friend, for coming on board.



I'm really excited to talk to you. Hey, man, thanks for having me.



No worries.



Yeah, we we did a three day workshop and become killer mates real quick. We were like we jelled real hard. That's awesome.



And it is. It's all about, I think, going in the same direction in life and and and having a similar kind of beliefs and values is so important. But now I'm really excited.

So that enough about me and us. Let's talk about you. What's going on? Tell me a little bit about yourself.


How did you get into the health and wellness space? Tell me how do you start? Well, tell me a little bit about your background.



So that 15 years ago, I was actually working as a chef and loved cooking, passionate about cooking from school and then just thought there's going to be something else. Dived into the personal training course and just became a personal trainer.


Yeah. And I just I've always been like this big energy. I'm a high energy guy.


I'm very good at motivating people. Bit of an empath. And as soon as I jumped into the gym, I was a fully booked out personal trainer for 10 years.



Yeah, awesome.



Just honestly, time was like it just to think that I did 40 to 50 sessions a week.







Fully booked out for 10 years.


RICH: Yeah.



Yeah, I don't remember anything else. I was just so good what I did. And I just wanted to be the best of the best in my field where I lived.

And then over the 10 years, I thought for myself, like, well, what am I doing? I don't really have any goals.

I started my first bodybuilding show in 2013. Yeah. I competed almost every other year for 10 years.



Wow. And what made you want to do that?



It was something like you thought just give you that discipline to actually be able to do that task on getting to that level. It always come back to like, and now I understand more than ever.


And obviously, that's what we did in our workshop. It's like, you got to get really clear on what you want. Yeah.


And me, I was training in the gym and I had an okay physique and I really liked training, but I wanted to learn more. And obviously, discipline became part of that. But someone said, why don't you do a bodybuilding show? And I was like, okay.


So no idea what I'm getting myself into. And I was hooked. Yeah.


But it gave me, it gives me an exact time. It gives me an exact day. And you have to be ready for something.


And for me, coming from a background of like being in the kitchen, also being a tradie, I've been a concreter in the past life as well. But it's that pressure. As soon as you put the pressure on someone that you need a time and a day to be back ready, that's where I thrive.


And I thrive under pressure.



Now, the big question. Were you prepared for the spray tan?



That's the best part, man.


Getting naked and getting balls sprayed is the best. That's something that people kind of never really understand, the whole spray tan thing. And last year, out of 10 years, I finally won my men's physique title.



Oh, awesome legend. Congratulations. Yeah.

Champion, men's physique champion.



Yeah. My sword over there and my medals and that.



Yeah, yeah. Fantastic.



It was a bit of a bittersweet victory.

But, yeah, to finally achieve that from 2013 to 2023. Wow. Natural road and a hungry progression.


I think because I hadn't won those shows, it just, you know what? At the end of the day, Rich, it instilled in me so many habits and disciplines that I would take away forever. So we believe that when people kind of apply themselves in a state of repetition, you are so good at doing things that the habit just falls into place. You don't know when you end up at the gym because you had that habit.



You know, you just walk in the door. You're like, how did I get here? Which is a state of trance, which is as well. And that's what I love about you and what you've done, because, you know, we all talk about motivation.


We're going to get motivated. It's not the motivation at all. It's just discipline.



Discipline is the key thing. Motivation is real. Yeah.

Motivation is totally like it's transparent. It's like the way you look at reality from your inner world. And tell you what, when you're five weeks out from a bodybuilding show, you're starving.


You're shredded. You can smell a donut store from six miles away. Yeah.


Cold and wet outside. You are not motivated to go to the gym. Motivated to go do your steps.


But the habits and it's the repetition of habits and the disciplines that you get from doing those. Yeah. Like you're in a state of trance.


You'll get to the gym and you'll start lifting. You don't even know you're there. Yeah.


Yeah, man. It's been a big journey. And I think I might stop the shorts and go another next year as well.



Do it. Do it. That's awesome.

Get those bloody G baggers out of the water.



I wear shorts. No G baggers.



Okay. All right. So I understand you're not just a personal trainer.


That's something that you got into, and it made you really get into the health and fitness world. Yeah. I understand a few things I want to talk about with you that you actually do right now with your clients is like breathwork facilitation.



A lot of people don't understand that. And I've had a little bit of taste of it here and there. But tell me about it.



Tell me about breathwork and how important it is. I think, well, I know. And from my heart space, it changed my life.



The day I dropped into that state, I had no idea. I had no idea how powerful it would be and how much power and energetic capacity and clarity it would give me. And I worked with clients for 10 years, like a decade working with people.


And over that decade, I've seen a massive decline in people with emotional health. And I like the mental health so much. And I struggle with it, too.


Everyone struggles with some sort of emotional health, wellness. We dip under our baseline and we feel something might impact us. And what I noticed was so many clients were suffering with something.


Everyone's got shit, right? But how do we release it? Yeah. And for me, I've had a mentor for three or four years. Ben Clark, a really beautiful friend of mine.


And he goes, I think you should try breathwork. And he guided me through. And I absolutely, like, lost the plot.


I didn't realize how much energy I've held in over anything. It doesn't matter what it is. We can adapt and adopt feelings and thoughts and traumas and resentments and pains and hates and all this sort of stuff.


It just absorbs, right? Apart from talking about it, how do we remove it from our energetic body? And that day that I dived into breathwork and I came out and I was in tears and, like, it blew my head off. I was like, I want to show everyone this. This is so powerful.


And now I use it as, like, a modality in my clients, you know, to help people calm down. And I think everyone is in a state of stress. Like, it's chaos.


The world is chaos. Like, you're a father. We run a business.

 You're going to be here. No one ever slows down.


And I'm like an ADHD, like, psychopath. So for me, I use it as a tool to calm down. And when I got ready for my bodybuilding show, I used it as a stress management tool to make sure that I could relax and calm my nervous system to get leaner and leaner and leaner and stay healthier and not get sick and not be so overwhelmed that I wasn't able to show up for myself.


Because I was showing up as a single father. I was going through a bodybuilding show. I was going through a divorce.


It was the hardest time in my life. Without Breathwork and without that skill set, I don't think I would have got through. Yeah, that's awesome.



That's really, really good. And a lot of people don't understand. They're probably going, what is Breathwork, you know? And just for anyone listening onto this podcast, we will be sending a link up later on onto workshops that we're going to be offering on little webinars and workshops on Breathwork that Luke's going to be doing.



Yeah, we're going to drop, we're going to create some cool stuff together. Maybe a workshop and something live, which would be cool. I mean, like the fact that, you know, like there is so many modalities of it.


Wim Hof was a huge one that started this, but people are literally curing themselves from sickness and disease. You know, improving your mood, improving, you know, blood flow, anti-inflammatory properties. Like, you know, so many people come out of Breathwork and they go, oh my God, I know exactly what I need to do.


I'm so clear and precise about my decision in my life or something that makes me feel good. It just literally ignites a flame within someone that they didn't know existed. Yeah.


It's such a beautiful thing. So yeah, no, that's awesome. I can't wait to get a new science ebook.


That's for me, how I use it with my clients. And then people come out of state of Breathwork and they go, I feel so relaxed. I'm like, welcome to the real world.



Awesome. No, I can't wait to dig into that a bit more. But next one is hypnosis.



So I studied that last year and I'll be finishing my master's in hypnosis this year as well. It's been a long journey, but I think, and I said to you before, before you jumped on the call, it's a state of understanding and communication. And I feel a lot of people, when I've worked with people for a decade and you talk to people, looking on a conscious level is one thing, looking to your unconscious is a whole other thing.


And I feel like I wanted to get better at communicating with people and helping them see their reality of the world. Because the way we perceive the reality is from our unconscious mind. Know that or not.


Hypnosis is a really clever tool to be able to go, well, how do you actually feel in your unconscious mind? And if you can rewire some old thoughts and some old habits and some patterns, we can rewire them with like some new chips, like a transformer. Pull out this old block, pop a new block back in and re-embody it back into our body through breath, through embodiment.


And then people go, yeah, I feel really like, I feel different. I feel a shift. And it's just, for me, it's skills and tool sets to be able to help provide people with emotional, physical, spiritual tools that can help them find their potential.



Yeah, awesome. That's fantastic. Now, the key question on that.

Can you tell, can you make someone be a chicken?



I think there's some hypnosis and there's some hypnosis. I think people are just like, people don't go like, I said to one person, like, I'm studying hypnosis and they're like, oh, that's weird. But you're in a state of trance every day.


Some point you're in a state of trance. Like when you drive to work, you don't remember how you got there.


And that we're all in a state of trance. And, you know, some of the NLP that I just recently studied, everyone's like hypnotizing themselves into the beliefs that they have.


So you believe if you believe that for long enough, you will stay in that shit circle the whole time. Yeah. But you reignite a new belief.


And then you embody that one through hypnosis or timeline therapy or any of the NLP. Yeah. People find these new ways of living and they see reality differently, which is pretty cool.


It's a big shift.

Yeah, that's awesome. And I know I've been looking at a lot of these ads, you know, they pop up on socials that, you know, like hypnosis can help you think that you've had like, you know, gastrobrain surgery, you know what I mean? Or and then all of a sudden it changes your mindset and how you think because you think you've done it.


So in your head, you go, you know, like when you do it, you do it and you get these feelings, but you actually your head controls that. So you can only change your head the way you think you think you've got it. So then you're going to act like you've got it.


And so then your whole diet, the way you eat and what you know, I mean, changes your lifestyle completely changes to suit what you think you've already got. Isn't it crazy? Exactly right. And that's, you know, that's part of that manifesting.


But, you know, our internal world is a representation of our external world. Yeah. Yeah.


So whatever you think will typically become, you know, whether that's positively geared or negatively geared and you've got growth mindset, closed mindset as we work through the business courses that we've done together. But it's, yeah, people's perception of what they believe and then the unconscious mind can reach, reframe that. That's the best way of explaining it.


It's like, yeah, can't hypnotize you to like, well, it can hypnotize you to stop eating bad food. Yeah. That's why I got into that's why I like my nutrition and I'm so passionate about the way I do nutrition because I feel like I've then got the skill set to be able to help people through hypnosis if they need it.


Any neuro linguistic programming if they need it, but also how to like, like we're going to do with you. I'm reaching nutrition in a more of a sustainable way. Yeah, which I'm sure you probably can ask me about too.



Yeah, that's it. Well, that's a good segue into it because that's one of the things I really want to do and I'm going to be a guinea pig for Luke. So these guys are before and after rich, you know, rich now and then the new.


But, but yeah, well, let's talk about nutrition and mindset. And I think if you look at everything, it's all really about what we put in our bodies and what we put in our minds, you know, and I think we are so we're just like, you know, I remember as a kid, we're very limited on what the food we eat is very all the basic stuff. And I'm Anglo Indian.


So the background, you know, my background was like, it was really colourful regards to what we put in our mouths. But now it's just so much rubbish. It's all about marketing crap, you know, and there's so much process stuff nonstop.


And I even like for our kids, it's so easy to buy stuff and bars and things like that because it's so convenient, you know, and that's a big issue. And then obviously, our mindset, we're just attuned to, to buy this stuff. And sometimes we don't change our habits, you know, and we are so relying on this stuff, you know, it's very easy, very hard for someone just to pivot into something else when you've got like McDonald's Happy Meals, you know, you got McDonald's every day.



It's that quick, easy dopamine, like response. It's almost like, oh, it's easy. It's convenient.


But then I show my clients how to do things. And they go, oh, wow, this is actually really easy. Yeah.


I mean, which leads me to say, you know, decade working with people, a decade in the bodybuilding industry, a decade with working with different coaches spending thousands of dollars on finding what works right. And when you get ready for bodybuilding shows, obviously, yes, it's to the outside world, it looks a bit unsustainable. It looks crazy.


But the venture for me is built me with the knowledge that I have today, because I found what works doesn't work. And the most common denominator is it's unsustainable. Yeah.


So you give someone an answer. If I say, right, Rich, here's your meal plan. You go, oh, you made this every day.



Yeah. Chickens and broccolis.



And like, you know, you create such basic, boring staples.


You're not going to do that. It's not sustainable. Yeah.


You've got kids and lifestyle in the business. So what I found over the 10 years of working with people and a background as a chef, well, there's a way of giving you flexible nourishment that's sustainable over a long period of time. So you can have, you know, muesli or oats or eggs and bacon or avocado on toast and or a smoothie.


You're like, oh, that's awesome. Yeah. That's great.


A whole day of eating food that nourishes your body, nourishes you. And all of a sudden, you can stick to that for a long period of time. Yeah.


That's the diet that you want to eat. Because a non-approachable diet would be restrictive with all these don't do this, don't eat this. This is where people in a world right now where we're living, where people honestly, they don't know what to eat because you've got social media, you've got the news.


Don't eat that. Don't touch that. That's weird.



That's bad for you. Influences promoting all this shit. Yeah, rubbish.



Realistically, we should just be just eating food that we enjoy. Yeah. And what happens is if you eat the food that you enjoy with accurate breakdown of your calories, people are satiated.


People all of a sudden will go, my clients literally could go to a dinner party and turn down cake. Yeah. Go to a dinner party and know that they can have the wine or have the cake if they chose to because they've got the education.


And I feel there's rich. There's some gap between being a kid growing up. And then there's this big void where no one teaches anything with education.


No one teaches any sustainable habits. It's like you're either on a diet. Oh, you're on a diet.


Or why are you doing this? It's like a double-edged sword.



That's it.



And I created the eight-week challenge and I created no diets and people eat food every day that they love like ice cream with Cadbury chocolate.



Every chocolate. Now we're talking. And obviously everyone's different.



Everyone's got different specific needs. And I've worked with people through nutrition and dialling into like what they specifically need. But if the other person wants to look to lose weight, I created like a body transformation that gets like 12 kilos of people in eight weeks.


Anything that they enjoy.



Yeah. That's awesome.



And that's what I love about it.



It's like we, you know, I remember I went on like years ago. Someone on socials were like, try this.


This will help you. I don't know if you remember. It was like, what was it called? I don't know.


It was something. It's like a tablet. And it was like just so much caffeine in it that is kind of suppressed your diet, but you lose weight really quickly.


But then after you get off these things, Oxy Elite Pro. Oh, yeah. The Oxy.



Oh, my God. Some of those.



Someone told me, Rich, you should try this.


And I gave it a burl. And oh, my God. I lost like I reckon I was 15, 20 kilos in like three months, less than three months.


People like, what the hell? That's so much energy. But I couldn't sleep. I could actually have a heart attack.


And they banned it. They banned it. I was like, oh, my God, we're going to get this.


I was like buying it through like eBay, you know, paying a hundred bucks. And that's the thing. People, you know, people don't want to do the hard work.



Yeah. I'll be like straightforward here. People don't want to do the hard work.


People don't want to do that easy, sustainable work. They just want I want a quick fix. I've had people approach me and they said, you know, what, you know, the investment.


What can I do? Blah, blah, blah. And they end up turning me down. They go have that new injection, that fat loss injection.


Yeah. My problem here is right. What did you learn? Yeah.


You learn anything?






So if I get so I could drop get someone to drop 25, 30 kilos in 12 weeks, if they had the right attitude. Learn anything? Absolutely not.


Yeah. Whereas if I get them to drop, say that much weight, you know, I helped a man lose 60 kilos in a year. Yeah. And it's now kept the weight off because of everything that we did and every health protocol I put in place for him was sustainable.


Yeah. He can still do everything. And he still looks great.



Yeah, yeah. Weight off. Whereas people go, oh, you need to go get lap band or you need, I'm sorry, but the shortcuts.


And then you still have side effects of that shit too. Rather than you could have just done the basic boring stuff, which actually works and just eat food.



And then you go, I know what works for me.

I know it works for my digestion. I really enjoy eating food. I don't self-sabotage.


I don't look at food like a nightmare. People think they eat a Snickers bar and they're gonna gain weight. Mate, it's not the Snickers bar that does it.


Yeah, that's it. So that's my thing. And yes, you've got fat burners and supplements, but they only, they do like 1% of giving you some energy.


That's not what actually helps you burn body fat and optimize your shit.



Yeah. No, that's awesome.


And I know, I see that. And I slowly getting into the mindset of what I shouldn't be eating and even portion size and just the stuff. Because if you, you know, and obviously things come up on TikTok a lot about it.


And that's what really messes with people's brains because everyone's all of a sudden, an expert on everything. It's just too many sources of it. Yeah, yeah, that's it.



This and this and this. But there's like phases, because if when you, and like hire a coach, get some help, like actually invest in yourself. But when you start say tracking some of your food or you start following a guide and then you start weighing food, you go through different phases where you can get through the point where eventually you don't need to track anything anymore because like, you will start looking at it.


Like, it's like saying to a tradie, it's like, how long do you reckon that is? Well, he'll measure it in his mind and he'll know. It's like, eventually he'll look at food a bit differently, like the matrix. And you'd be like, oh, there's about 200 grams of chicken.


Well, haven't really had enough water today. Because you're increasing your level of consciousness around whether it's physical body or spiritual body. And I truly believe that everyone has a capacity to like increase their level of consciousness.


If you choose to learn, you've got to dive in and learn. Like the cool stuff that we've done together on that course. It's like, oh, idea.



Oh, I didn't know that. People just sort of choose to like sit back, have a go at all these unsustainable approaches and then just go, oh, it just doesn't work for me. I can't lose weight.


Yeah. And I think, you know, there's a lot of people listening to this and watching this that are probably in their fifties like me. And in the last two, three years, we look at like people like Shane Warren, that was, you know, in his fifties, a heart attack.


Look at other people and they're going, oh my God, you know, my life is now so short. And I remember there was a calendar I saw those shows, it's got little dots. It's like a calendar of just literally your whole life.


And it shows you where you are, where you've only got like that much left. How many dots left, yeah. Yeah.


And you're like, oh my God. And in that certain timeframe and that little window, because we know from when we were kids to now, how quick that went. Yeah.


So we're looking now, our years are flying by, our years will be just gone. Now- If you are watching this, right? And you are forties, fifties, sixties, you've still got time to start.



That's it.


And I think you have. You've still absolutely got time to start. The thing is, there's lack of education, right? Because what I've told you over our call and what I'm going to do with you, you would never have known was possible.



I'm telling you right now. But people have lost, because there's too much education and everyone's either on steroids or taking stupid drugs that don't help them. But it's like, well, if we get you educated, you will start changing shape and feeling better than you had when you were in your forties because you've got the education and the tool set.



I think when people get older, they realize that they don't realize that strength training is important. Protein is important. And supplementing is important when it's the appropriate stuff.


But I say to people, increase your odds. It's like people go, I don't sleep well.


What do you do for your sleep? That's it. It's not going to change. What do you mean? So yeah, you've got to level up.



You've got to get to this stage where you don't go, age is not an excuse. And that's got nothing to do with your ability to still optimize fat loss and change shape. Absolutely.


And longevity. Like for me, my biggest driver is being there for the kids. I love to be there when Lola gets married one day.



Exactly. And it's like, that's your why. That's your why.



Like if you dig into the cause, like my why is I'm gonna stand there in this size suit and convince myself when she's getting married, feeling fit and still able to like be the dad on the dance floor.


LUKE: You know, that's it. Burn the dance floor, mate.



Burn the dance floor. We're doing the robot, you know, the dance floor. They're like, who's this crazy freak? You know? That's exactly right.


LUKE I'm the same. I said to Luna, my daughter's six. And I said to her, daddy will still be doing backflips for most of your life.


And I still can.


RICH: I'm sorry. It won't be me doing a backflip.


It was a couple of bones. But yeah, no, it is. And I've got like a couple of really close friends that since I've like teenagers that have always got up early, done exercise, did their journals, you know, did all this stuff that people talk about now.


And they're now in their mid-fifties doing extremely well. And that's because they have this awesome habit. And that's what it's about.



Building really good habits now that help you get to where you really want to go, you know, and getting open your mind without having blinkers on, which you've had your whole life as well. You know? It's going to change things. And you just got to make a start.



Yeah. Make a start. Don't overthink it.



Just like make a start, get a direction and just go into that one, you know? And at the end of the day, everyone's got their own approach. And I don't believe there's one nutrition like protocol or anything for anyone specifically. When someone joins to me, I say, what do you want to do? Yeah.


I'm not going to tell you to weight train if you don't want to weight train. If you like going for swims, if you like bike riding, if you like doing vegetarian, if you want to do keto, that's cool. But if you can do it over a long period of time and optimizes your mindset and your health, then absolutely go for it.



Yeah. No, that's awesome. So now you're obviously putting a lot of this stuff together at the moment.


So you've got the, obviously hypnosis, nutrition and mindset. And now you've studied NLP, which is a completely different thing, but encompasses a lot of this stuff as well. Is that right? Yeah.



So neuro-linguistic programming and timeline therapy has been shown to help. Again, it's almost like a communication skill to the unconscious mind to re-pattern old habits and beliefs. Yeah.


It's a simple term to kind of say. And for me, it's like, how can I upskill myself to be able to help my clients shift old habits, old beliefs, old energy, and rewire it and give it a new sensation, a new meaning, and help people kind of realize that that was just holding them back because they've believed it for so long, they almost don't believe that they can believe something else. Yeah.


That internal reality or the internal world that we all perceive is an external reality representation. Yeah. So that's NLP in a nutshell.


Still in the process of like putting it all together and how I can do that. But I feel it's more of a communication tool because I can pull people up on the ship. Yeah.


A lot of the time. So people go, oh, I can't lose weight. And I'm like, when did you decide that? Yeah.


There'll be something in this timeline past tense that is someone's has been said to them or someone's done to them where they don't believe that they can lose weight. Well, that's you're believing that. That's your choice.


Yeah. You did believe it. Oh, well, I can't.


Well, you can. What if you couldn't believe that? Yeah. That's awesome.


More specific on what actually happened to them for them to actually take that on board as a belief. Yeah. Yeah.


So yeah, I think I want to kind of continue mastering all these skills to be able to provide best coaching service that I can. Yeah. Use it in workshops, use it in events and use it for the coaching programs that I'm doing.



Yeah. Fantastic, man. And I'm so excited to be working with you together as well with our clients and our people and essentially look at putting something together in helping people's wellness and longevity.


And because if you don't have that, you got nothing. What's the point of having material crap if you haven't got your health, you know, or the right mindset.



One of my favorite quotes I've gotten from a mentor of mine was, you know, it's not so much of a quote, but it's, you know, if you've got $3 million, $100 million in your superannuation, but you got a bad back, you've got sore knees, you can't get out of your chair, you're too overweight.


Men with a circumference, like waistline circumference of 90 centimetres, you've got a heart attack and diabetes that works, right? What's the point of having all that money if you can't use it?



Yeah, that's it. And I think that's where I've completely changed my mind set in the last probably five years about, it's not about working to gain this and that, it's more about gaining more time to be with the kids and be able to do things I really want to do and be able to make a choice in what I want to do, not be restricted, you know? Totally. We could do another podcast on like entrepreneur life and business.



100%. Creating freedom and, you know, cause I've worked for myself for like such a long time now. And we can do what we want when we want, but we won't go too far.



Yeah, yeah. That's another one. We're definitely going to do another one.


That'll be on podcast episode two. Yeah. Yeah, so what we're going to do is probably after this, we're going to probably do some links of where you can get in touch with Luke and myself and then you can show like an expression of interest if you really want to come onto one of our workshops that we're going to offer in a webinar.


We'll probably do like a small little free webinar on a few different topics. And then if you want to take it to the next step, we're here to help, you know? But- Yeah, we're going to run like a masterclass, maybe on like optimizing health. That's kind of my jam.



Yeah. Showing people like the health markers or health pillars is what I say. If you're going to dial in on some of your health markers, you can change your body composition, your physique and your weight very fast.


Like fast track that really quickly when you get dialed in on understanding a little bit more about them. So- Yeah, no, that's awesome. Build a really cool program too.



Yeah, I'm so excited. And so other thing is like, I know with your habits, your habits in a day have probably changed, isn't it? So your routine, are you an early starter? You wake up quite early? Yeah. Yeah.



So yesterday I was at the gym at five, got up at 4.15 and I think, you know, I am a bit of a like crazy person, but I try and get as much done in a day as I can because I want to spend time with my daughter. Yeah. But also because like, I want to try and be that high productivity machine that gets more done in a day than people do in a week.


Yeah. Because I've got big goals. I've got things and directions that I want to do.


You know, for me, I schedule my day, like timeline by day by day, minute by minute. Time block, I make sure my nutrition is good. I prioritize my sleep.


I prioritize my stress. I do a lot of breath work to manage all these sorts of things. I still train every day, five, six days a week.



Yeah, awesome. You know, and I feel like we've got one life, one opportunity and I go like, people go like, do you ever slow down?



Nah. I still sleep.

I still prototype. But I feel like, you know, we feel like, you know, time disappears real quick. Like you said, all of a sudden.


So I want to, yeah, I want to help impact as many people's lives as I can with the education that I've acquired and show people that you do have the ability to have so much energetic capacity that you don't know what to do with. And unfortunately, like I said, somewhere in the world, people just feel lethargic and fatigued and uncomfortable and bloated and not motivated. You're not meant to be running like that.


That's not, don't believe that, that that's the normal. And I feel as these like levels of adaption phases where for me to be off track, I know very quickly, but when people don't feel great and they don't feel at their optimal, they don't know what it feels like to be optimal. You know what I mean? They go, oh, this is how I feel.


I feel shitty all the time. No, you should feel like you can shovel six ton of dirt, still be a parent, still have the energy to go to the gym because I feel everyone's got that, you know, everyone's got that ability and I'm here to make sure that I can help people with that.



Yeah, no, that's awesome.

So where do you see their wellness like this industry moving? Because I know with the generation of young kids these days, it is, I've noticed everybody got that in built in their brain to eat a certain way from what they're influenced by, you know, their socials compared to the last generation, you know what I mean? Of kids, so it's very different. So where do you think-



I was starting to, even you as well, like I'm an 88 baby. So, you know, I was so humbled and I've seen other podcasts and I literally don't watch the news.


I don't listen to music. I literally podcast all day, constantly feeding my brain. But, you know, to grow up in the 60s and 70s and 80s and maybe 90s, we were so blessed.


Because now our kids are growing up in social media and tech and AI, which people probably know they do another whole podcast on but there's definitely a lot of purpose there. They can obviously create amazing careers and lifestyles for themselves because they can use the internet and, you know, I'm all for working online, of course. But when the health industry, I'm scared.



Yeah. It's getting bad. It's getting bad to the point where, because people don't, then we're not being built tough anymore.



We're not being built with the dirt and the shovel. You know, I was built tough, I feel, from my parents. So I want to install that into my daughter but we've just got so much access to everything that's easy.


It's that easy to obtain reward. Like I went and did, it's got a drive-thru coffee, you get a drive-thru ATM, you got drive-thru food, you can UberEats food. It's becoming so accessible that people are unfortunately going to lower their vibration and continue to do stuff that is easy.



Because it's- Oh, mate, look, I've been in that sometimes, like, you know what? It's easy for me to hire someone to cut the grass than me going to cut the grass. And that's like- I've had that sometimes too. And I was like, that's physical activity I should really be doing when I'm sitting on my booty all day, you know? So it's like, I'm cutting the grass again now.



So I'm back on it. But yeah. Resilience building is these things like, you know, listening to like Wim Hof, he talks about, you know, we don't put ourselves in any extreme conditions.


So we're staying warm. We don't put in any extreme conditions. We don't put ourselves in stressful environments on purpose because it's too hard.


I suggest everyone like resilience building is like the armor that is supporting you and holding you up against like the chaos of the world. Yeah, 100%. Resilience building is huge because when something goes down, man, you've got to have capacity to be able to manage that stress, manage that chaos.


And yeah, I think nutrition-wise for the wellness world, I think it's going to go one extreme to the other. It's either going to, people are going to be really extreme with their nutrition or there's just going to continue to be flooded with crap. Because what's also cheap, people, I mean, they see that as it's cheap.



 I can feed my family for nine bucks. Yeah.


And they always say like, failure needs to be your best friend and discomfort needs to be your best friend. Both. Yeah.


And I only lately I've been in the end of the shower for the last 10 seconds. I live in the Blue Mountains, man. I'm freezing my booty off.


Yeah, that's cold. Yeah, the last 10 seconds, and I'm like, Oh my god, it's so cold. But yeah, like my brother, he is into boxing.


And every day he comes back from work, he's stressed, he jumps in the sauna for half an hour, and it jumps in his ice bath. I don't have any minutes, but and he does it like clockwork doesn't matter how cold it is and raining or whatever. He just does it.


And that's just awesome. You know, and and that's what you need to do. And he's got like an autoimmune disease.


And a lot of people do have these things. And but he's he's just he's always on the go. It's just awesome.



You know, it just really helps your mind as well as your body, you know, getting through this. There's so much proof now coming out of obviously, you know, science science back research about like people not people were overbreathing. People are breathing.


We're putting ourselves in uncomfortable, like, well, stressful environments that we don't know how to manage. We are not looking after our nervous system. We're all stressed.


We're overwhelmed. Then we're feeding ourselves with high sugar, high fat things that are quick and convenient. And then we're getting sick.


We're getting autoimmune diseases where they're getting thyroid problems. You know, people are we're making ourselves sick because the education of the whatever you want to call it is not something they're doing its job. And then if you are on the extreme of that, or you're like you're you're excessive or you're like the what's biohacking is a weird.


Yeah. I feel I kind of feel that's kind of how it is in that in that respect. But, you know, this has been shown that if you are able to, you know, dive into some of this biohacking, looking at looking your nervous system, looking at doing breath work, the saunas, the ice baths, which I love as well.


People are like they are maintaining a level of health. Yeah. They didn't think it was possible.


But we've got the medicine world kind of going like here's a here's a mandate. Here's another. Just take this to this.


And it's like antibiotics.



Yeah, I exactly. Absolutely.



And I listen to podcasts of she was a naturopath when I'm like, yeah, she's a good naturopath. And she's like, no one's looking for prevention. Yeah.


We don't work in a state of preserved prevention. I say increase your odds and try and prevent this from happening. Whereas we get to a point where it's like, oh, dear, now I'm sick.


Yeah. And it disappears like look, I've seen some stats from being in the body art industry for many years as well in those industries. Like I looked at consent forms and I just do my own little stats.



Nearly every second one where people on antidepressants, they just give things out like lolly water. And so people then are just used to it. And then I'll be able to get through it and go, OK, how can I not get used to it? You know, I mean, they're not learning.



Yeah. Yeah. And look, that's that's there.


I think it's a very good platform to have these needs for people in suffering with those sorts of people who manage their emotional health. Yeah. But then again, is it increasing your odds? Obviously, what are you doing in your day to help impact your emotional wellness? And what are you doing to increase your odds to, you know, boost your immune system, looking at your neurotransmitters in your brain? Those are a huge part, like do some research, do some podcasting and always increase your odds.


Yeah. Jump in the ice bath that's been proven to like skyrocket dopamine. And a lot of the time when it comes back to like emotional wellness and depression is like the low dopamine that we're not getting because we're on our own screens too much.


We're not getting enough sunlight like the windows, get some sun exposure to your eyes. Yeah. Increase your odds.



Yeah. One hundred percent. Things that you're doing right now, do the absolute opposite.



If you don't have any, go to join social communities, do different things. If you're not walking, go for a walk.



 And I think so if we go back to it, look, if it was you now at at forty five years old with what ou've learned now, how would you what would your week look like now? I think it'd be the same.



Yeah, I think it'd be the same. I feel I'm about to like this year, this year for myself, I was getting I've been dedicated to upskilling myself and like personal development like you. So I feel like I'm going to continue that path.


And just I want to be like that. Yeah. Forty-five-year-old dad with a six pack still being on going for runs, having my daughter on her bike whilst I'm running next to her, not being you know, there's no like aches and pains, there's no nitty grittiest still optimizing like I want to dive in even deeper to see how healthy I can be because I want to have a bio age of like 30 when I'm 40.



Yeah. My bio age is like 70. I'm not joking.


It was like 10 or even probably 15 years ago. I went and saw like a physiotherapist, but it was these physiotherapists were doing like athletes. It was Olympic Park.


Yeah. Yeah. Years ago.


Yeah. And I did blogs. I did an assessment.


They did all these weird things. I had to stretch and touch this and move this. And the end of it, the report, they go and mind you, I was only in my early 40s then.


And then they said, Oh, Richard, I just want to say you've got a you've probably got a body of a 68 year old. I'm like, what? You bastards, you know, things you do to get me into your programs. But yeah, that was true because I could barely bend down, you know, to pick things up all the time, you know, and I felt like I felt like that, you know, I was so and it just comes down to your health, your well-being, your mind.

It's just so much. And, you know, it's awesome. And what I love about you, you've encompassed all this yourself for your own personal growth and yourself over the years.


And your belly now passes on to other buffers like me that need the help to live a fulfilling, healthy life. You know, anything could happen. You get hit by a bus tomorrow.



Who cares? But you want to give everything a go. You want to go, yes, I could do it. Because if you don't do it, you're never going to do it.


But if you try, you're going to get somewhere. You know what I mean? And it's like, well, we did with our three day course. It's like, yeah, at one point, you've just got to get pissed off of the position that you're in and take 150% accountability and responsibility for the reasons you are where you are is because of choices that you have made.


And then you've just got to go this. Take action. It doesn't matter what it is.


You've got to take action on making that change. And there is there's no there's no there's no plan B. No plan B, man. No plan B. There's plan A and A plus.



That's it. You just make that happen. If you're watching this now, you know, it's you.


So pull your head in. Absolutely. Yeah.


And you know what? Your unconscious mind is telling you, oh, that's me. He's talking to me right now. So don't black out your unconscious mind.



Don't try and don't try and numb it. Don't try and mask it. Don't try and, you know, go, oh, give yourself an excuse.


Because the thing is, if you continue to stay in the shit circle, you're getting the shit circle. 100 percent. I always tell people, if you hang around with bloody knuckleheads, you're going to be a knucklehead.


You know, get out. Make your circle small, but quality, you know, and that's really what I've only got like a handful of people in my life and and a few mentors. And and I think that's really important because and and we've always learned you want to be working with people that are a lot smarter, brighter and more educated than you so we can get that bloody absorb that information from them, you know, and be better ourselves.


So and like I said, time disappears real quick. Hey, and I feel I feel like everyone has the capacity to be able to, like, make a change, make a decision and and start start now. It just disappears really quick.


And I've now worked with lots of millionaires, I've worked with business people that have spent so much so long on them, on their businesses, and they spent so long on things that all of a sudden they get sick and they get I always say you can't take back that time and then you can pay me all this money to fix you. Yeah, I hope you lose weight. And you know what, it costs you more money and time, the longer you leave.


Yeah, 100% membership goes up, your schedule changes, life changes, things start to change. And all of a sudden, if you had just started the path and the journey, you would be pretty close to rather than going, Oh, I really should have just Yeah, you know, Jim, it's 695. Now it's 7995.



All right, I've done that. I mean, I joined the gym. And I think I tell you, I had this gym membership for two years.


And I remember, once in six months, I just went there and I was like, too many people here. And I just jumped in the car, got a coffee at the local cafe, went back home, had a cheeky muffin and left. I'm like, Oh my god, you know, it's just, and the thing is, like, I should just got up early, got there early or got there later another time, not one peak hour.


And I didn't, you know, and I should have. So but now, yeah, it's just really understanding that. And then what you're doing now, you know, what's happened in the past is your past.



And what you can change now. But yeah, by all means, reach out, I'll put a link there to book a call in. Obviously, I'm always offering like a 30 minute discovery call.


Very quickly break down exactly what you need to do. Yeah, I've been working with people for a very long time, I can almost see how you walk, you talk, the things that you do the your body composition, I know exactly what's going on. And you can fast track that.



Oh, you're a legend. Well, man, it's been a pleasure talking to you, Luke. It's been sick, man.


Really love it. And look, guys, this is only episode one. I'm sure we're going to be doing a program an episode probably every month, the way things are going.



Yeah, definitely. Yeah. But it's really exciting.



So come up to the Blue Mountains.


LUKE: Yay, awesome. But no, I really appreciate it, man.



I really appreciate you coming on board. And, and yeah, talking to me and, and yeah, and I just can't wait for anyone watching this that are going to follow our journey, my journey in transformation with Luke, but and be able to get your journey and get your belly change the way you are and the way you do things. And Luke's here to help you.



 And we're going to put some awesome courses together. That and webinars are really going to get you excited.


So I can't wait, man.



I can't wait to be working with you, Luke. So yeah. Thanks so much.



Yeah. Thank you. I'll see you on the other side.

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